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I Can't See, But...I Can Imagine Persis Beach Bennett
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Twin Vision - Print Braille


I Can't See, But ... I Can Imagine
in Print-Braille Twin Vision

This children's Print/Braille Twin Vision book will encourage a positive interaction between the visually impaired child and people in his/her life who are able to see. Twin Vision Book Print Braille CD Book Braille Print Book CD Print-Braille

  • Prepared by (APH) The American Printing House for the Blind
  • 61 page book with additional clear contracted Braille pages
  • Includes CD going word for word the book and five children's songs
  • For Children through age 10 and adults who read to them
  • The main character (grandmother) is blind…and delightful!
  • Fully illustrated

For the visually impaired this book will:

  • Help to learn Braille because the CD goes word for word with the book
  • Encourage interaction with loved ones in the seeing world because it is Braille/Print
    • A visually impaired child can read to a loved one
    • A visually impaired grandparent may read to a grandchild
  • Encourage the love of music
  • Encourage imagination
  • Help the child know that is possible to have a rewarding life by cultivating his/her talents

For the teacher of visually impaired this Print/Braille Twin Vision book will:

  • Be a valuable Braille teaching tool
  • Be great way to teach music
    • Included on the CD are all five sound tracts without the vocals so that the child can learn the words from the book and do a "sing-a-long" adding his/her own voice to the music.


$42.00 + $5.00 S/H

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Songs from Grandmother's House

Songs from Grandmother's House


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